“Why can’t I just STOP eating emotionally, obsessively counting calories and STOP weighing myself everyday?”

I show women how to break free from unhealthy, emotional eating patterns that they’ve been able to “get by” with for a long time, but now, for a variety of reasons, it feels more out of control and it’s really getting the best of them. Your relationship with food is not just about what you eat or your weight. You might be wondering why you falter despite your best intentions? What you eat is important, but what you think, feel and what is going on in your life around you is just as important to your overall health. If you’re finally ready to feel different, you’re in the right place.

If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve tried many times to handle this on your own.

After all, you’ve been very successful in many areas of your life for a long time. You should be able to handle this, right? (I’ve been there!)

The thing is, matters of the mind and body can’t be solved with a quick fix. The success principles and procedures you’ve picked up throughout your life don’t work around this.

And, as you now realize, you can no longer ignore it. It’s time to get honest.

But the good news is, if this sounds like you, I can help you get to a better place of physical and emotional balance and ultimately thrive at your ideal weight, from the inside out.

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