A delicious way to get your greens.

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You may have already heard this: Greens are the #1 food missing from our diets.

And every book, Dr., nutritionist, like myself, will tell you to eat more of them.

So why don’t we?

I’ve heard everything from…”they taste like grass, they’re boring, unappetizing, or don’t satisfy me”.

You can start with a green shake, like this, if nothing else.

Ive been enjoying these delicious green coconut shakes to boost my green intake. They taste like a naturally sweet tropical treat.

It’s filled with a handful of fresh, organic baby spinach and is so simple to make, and really satisfies.

If you treat these greens as your daily medicine, watch your body change and your glow increase!

These greens keep our bodies alkaline (not acidic) and full of oxygen which is the #1 way to fight ailments, disease, anti-aging, weight loss, and they  give us true vitality.

Green foods don’t alter our blood sugar levels (like grains, even fruit and natural sugars)

Greens are our key to rebuilding and cleansing our blood. They are life-generating.

So go out now and grab a box of organic spinach and make this green coconut shake!

Great for kids, too!


Lisa’s Green Shake

1 cup organic almond milk (Pacific brand or any other organic brand you like)

1 cup coconut water

a handful of organic baby spinach

1/2 cup raw coconut meat  (I get mine from exoticsuperfoods.com) you can also use 1 frozen banana

3-5 drops of liquid vanilla stevia (for kids add a couple pitted dates and/or some chunks of pineapple instead)

a few ice cubes


Blend in a high-speed blender and enjoy!

Sometimes I add a tablespoon or so of cacao nibs on top before drinking (a powerful superfood and antioxidant)


Want more ideas like this to increase your greens and upgrade your overall eating?

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