Breaking free of emotional eating and food addictions means it’s time to get honest.

If you’re ready to change your deep belief that in order to thrive at your ideal weight, you must turn to extreme measures…

If you’re finally ready to go beyond your obsession with food and begin a lifelong journey of spiritual growth and radical self care…

Then I promise you, long-term weight loss and maintenance is truly possible.

In fact, if this resonates, this could be the year that you heal, get well, and create a bridge back to life in a body that you love.

Before we go on, and I show you the way out of this situation, I want to first acknowledge and appreciate you.

You see, I’ve been there too. I know how hard this is to secretly be suffering on the inside. I bet that you’ve tried many times to make the changes, only to fall back on your old patterns, that just leave you feeling frustrated, out of control and like a failure. I was right there myself, 20 years ago. If I could turn this around in my life, so can you.

Now, please really let this in: If you haven’t figured out all this nutrition “stuff”, it’s not your fault.

Let me explain what I mean. There are a few little known secrets about what it takes to heal emotional eating and food addiction.

Secret #1 First, nutrition is part art AND part science that has proof for every side of the story. That’s why it’s so confusing.

What works for one person, doesn’t always work for another. There’s so much information out there, it’s very overwhelming.

That leaves you with only one clear way forward: Figure out what’s right for YOU.

But doing it on your own, can take a long time, a lot of trial and error and it’s easy to get stuck and give up when there’s no one to guide the way. You need someone that truly understands what it’s like to feel addicted to habits that no longer work.

And it’s especially easy to neglect your own health when you are busy taking care of so many other people (like kids, spouses, pets, family members, not to mention a career, too).

So you see, it’s not you, it’s the whole “nutrition thing” that’s confusing. Not intentionally, of course, it’s just science. And advertising! And social pressures! And magazines that give us false images of perfection, I could go on.

It’s no wonder smart, educated and very capable women find themselves feeling at a loss when it comes time to figure out what way of eating truly works for THEM.

(Keep breathing, I promise to show you a way out, but first we have to clear a few more things up, okay?)

Secret #2: Give up the diet way of life, that actually triggers addictions and emotional eating, and start living!

Listen, I bet there are foods you’re eating right now that you feel addicted to or compelled to eat, that are making you feel crazy. I call these trigger foods. It’s not you, it’s the food! And they are everywhere and in everything.

The way out? Say no to dieting, restriction and deprivation and swap out the diet way of life for a real life that is truly nourishing and free of trigger foods.

The diet way of life is all about decreasing pleasure, depriving yourself of what you like, diminishing yourself and is all about having LESS. (Has that ever worked for anyone??)

I want you to have MORE. More life, more joy, more peace.

So you see, self-nourishment begins by designing a food plan free from trigger foods that actually cause addictive behaviors.

You can do this.

You can learn what your trigger foods are, and replace them with delicious healing foods that restore sanity and make you feel good, clear, happy.

Secret #3: Retrain yourself to make sound food and lifestyle choices by putting yourself first with radical SELF-CARE

The thing about smart, capable women with emotional eating issues is that they never were really taught how to do “self-care.” I dare say, it’s more common than not.

The other secret to lasting transformation is to replace your rituals of self-loathing and attempts at self-control with rituals of radical self-care.

From setting up a quiet place in your home for relaxation, to meal planning, to finding a sound exercise plan that works for you, you will see how self-care is so important and not to be skipped!

But you have to learn these new rituals and habits not just from anyone. Imagine having a trusted advisor, like myself, on your side, who’s been there, who knows what it feels like to break free from these compulsive habits that are keeping you stuck. I can show you how to put all of this together and make healthy eating and living work for you once and for all.

That’s why I’ve developed my “Bridge Back to Life” method for long-term success:

Hi, I’m Lisa, and I’ve created a 3-phase method, that puts together all the nutrition, mindset and spiritual tools you’ll need and want to feel better and look better from the inside out. It’s time to stop making excuses and live in the problem and start facing what’s true about how you feel and live in the solution. This work is not to be missed!

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Guess what? I was just like you 20 years ago. Food was not fun, enjoyable and I hated my relationship with it. I was bingeing, over-exercising and constantly counting calories and weighing myself. I was addicted to sugar, caffeine and refined carbs and suffered from adrenal fatigue. I was not absorbing vital minerals and nutrients. I started my “Bridge Back to Life” by healing my own unhealthy emotional eating patterns. It took some trial and error, a lot of honesty and willingness, combined with some professional help, and hitting a bottom. I wasn’t ready to give up my addictive food behaviors until I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Now I can’t live without the set of eating and healing tools that I’ve created. I swear by this way of life! I look and feel more alive in my 40s than I did in my 20s. These tools carried me through a 15-year corporate career in advertising, 10+ happy years of marriage, and well into the joys of motherhood and family, all while running my own small business.

The results?

This method will take you beyond your obsession with food into a lifelong journey of spiritual growth, which makes long-term weight loss and maintenance possible.

Once you have learned to practice these nutrition, mindset and spiritual principles in the many facets of your life-you will experience a bridge back life in a body you LOVE, which includes:

• Increased energy and focus
• Clothes that fit better every day
• Weight loss
• Reduced cravings
• Improved relationships
• No more binge eating
• No more obsessive calorie counting or weighing yourself every day!
• A life free of numbing out with the wrong kinds of food that keep you stuck
• Waking up rested and excited to face the day

Finding your ideal food choices that support you and your healthy lifestyle is my goal.

Thanks to my extensive training in Integrative Nutrition, coupled with a personal success story overcoming my own food challenges, I have helped many women and families create a bridge back to life in a body they love.

Are you ready to get started?

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