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"7 Secrets for Moms to
Feel Lighter, Leaner and
Younger Looking Through
the Foods They Eat

Moms, learn how to look and feel great by bringing passion and nutritious choices into you and your family's life — and do it with flavor, convenience, style and fun!

After all, a healthy, happy mom creates a healthy, happy family.

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The Live Well by Design Mom's Club

LisaIf you are ready to get slim and sexy, turn back the clock, and be your best self to be the best mom then you'll want to join us.

Where else can you find authentic connection, community and support on the things that really matter to you?

I couldn't find it, so I created it!

Join the only mom's club that nourishes your desires for "me time" AND totally inspires you to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.

The LIve Well By Design Mom's Club includes:

  • Connect at monthly social meet-ups in Lisa’s kitchen in beautiful Westport, Ct where you’ll discover how to make SLIM and SEXY food choices for yourself, and time-saving, mouth-watering, healthy meals for your family too. (This will be special time just for you to take a breath, refresh your spirit, learn something new and connect with like-minded moms too!)

  • Discover how to enjoy any holiday event, birthday party, or travel plan to ensure you maintain your fabulousness and keep junk from sneaking onto your plate (and your waistline!)

  • Receive fresh, fast and fabulous recipes, tips and lots of FUN resources that will keep you inspired to be your best self while juggling it all with other like-minded moms.

  • Share your membership by bringing a different friend for free to each club event. No doubt people will be asking you what you've been doing because as you implement my nutrition secrets, you're going to look and feel amazing. I decided to make it easy to share this with your friends.

  • Celebrate by finally doing something for yourself with A FREE copy of my NEW BOOK, "From Okay to Fabulous: 10 Quick Tips To Get Slim and Sexy And Still Enjoy Your Favorite Comfort Foods And Social Life". Fairfield County, CT Edition. This book will fit in your purse and will serve as your feel fabulous on-the-go guide.

Membership is normally $87 a month, but if you sign up now, membership is only $37 a month FOR THE FIRST 20 FOUNDING MEMBERS which includes all the above PLUS a private facebook group to stay connected.

Click here to look at pictures of what goes on and the delicious food we serve at the Mom's Club.

6-MONTH MEMBERSHIP OPTION and BONUS: Invest in a 6 month membership for $37 a month for $222 (regular 6 month membership is $522) and receive a FREE Private Health Food Store Tour that also includes an organized shopping list ($297 value) and become a confident, savvy power food shopper for you and your family.

If at any time during your month-to-month membership, you decide it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time.

And remember, you can always bring a friend for FREE!

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