Grilled Summer Fruit

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Caramelized Grilled Fruit

After dinner, add this to the still warm grill for a sweet dessert.

Use any seasonal summer fruit you have.



4 tablespoons unsalted organic butter, melted

1/4 cup coconut palm sugar

4 ripe yellow or white peaches, cut in half

4 ripe red plums, cut in half

4 ripe bananas, cut in half lengthwise

aluminum foil



Heat grill or broiler to medium-hot. In a large bowl, combine the melted butter and coconut palm sugar. Add all fruit, and toss.

Fold the edges of a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil to form a shallow baking pan, and place on grill. Arrange the fruit, cut sides down, on the foil. Cook fruit until browned and caramelized around the edges, rearranging occasionally to prevent burning. Turn the fruit over, and repeat.


Serve as is, or add on top of some vanilla coconut milk ice cream or La Loos creamy vanilla goat milk ice cream.


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