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"7 Secrets for Moms to
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Moms, learn how to look and feel great by bringing passion and nutritious choices into you and your family's life — and do it with flavor, convenience, style and fun!

After all, a healthy, happy mom creates a healthy, happy family.

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A Personal Letter from Lisa

To all the Moms out there with full and exciting lives:

First, it’s important to understand, if you haven’t figured out all this nutrition “stuff, it’s not your fault.

Nutrition is part art AND part science that has proof for every side of the story. That’s why it’s so confusing. What works for one person, doesn’t always work for another. There’s so much information out there.

That leaves you with only one clear solution: Figure out what’s right for YOU.

But doing it on your own, can take a long time. And sometimes when life happens it’s easy to neglect your own health when you are busy taking care of so many other people (like kids, spouses, pets, significant others). And besides, how do you begin to find the right diet for you?

How does a smart mom like you make it all work?

Secret #1: Give up the diet way of life and start living

It’s natural to think that eating healthier involves restriction, eating less and going without. But if you’re like my clients, moms who have carved out a successful and unique lifestyle for themselves and their families, restriction and limitation is not in the cards.

To get healthy, you don’t have to stop living. In fact, healthy eating is where life starts happening.

You can start living NOW by designing a food plan that works with your body’s nutritional needs and your unique lifestyle.

Next, you might be wondering, “Well, okay, where do I start? How do I make all of this nutrition “stuff” work for me in my life? Is yogurt right for me? Should I go gluten-free? Are raw foods and juicing too extreme? What’s the best breakfast for me?”

I can help you answer all of these questions.

Secret #2: Focus on what you CAN have, not what you CAN’T have by upgrading the quality of your food

Hi, I'm Lisa Cummings. Imagine having a trusted advisor on your side who could show you how to put all of this together and make healthy eating work for you.

I show moms and families who feel "stuck in a health rut" how to upgrade their diet without giving up their favorite indulgences in food and life using delicious combinations of whole, nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods.

I take pride in showing moms how to enjoy healthier versions of foods they love. I help them regain control over their body without deprivation. We set and accomplish nutrition and lifestyle goals that reconnect them back to what matters most.

The results?

Increased energy and focus so you can run around with your kids • Clothes that fit better every day • More confidence • Weight loss • Reduced cravings • Improved relationships •A youthful glow • A new zest for life • The ability to make better food choices for you and your family without turning everyone's lives upside down

Finding your ideal food choices that support you and your lifestyle is my goal.

Thanks to my extensive training in integrative nutrition, coupled with a personal success story overcoming my own food challenges, I have helped many moms, women and families live a sexy, happy life in a body they love with clients like:

  • Amy, a stay-at-home mom in her early 40s, who loves chips and salsa, replaced her favorite comfort foods with more nutrient-dense choices that ultimately helped her lose those lingering pounds and ended her obsession with diet foods and calorie counting.
  • Tanya, a single mom and leader in the fashion industry, who just turned 40, improved her diet and her IBS symptoms disappeared, and feels proud about her new salary she negotiated which better matched her skill set and new found confidence.

You could spend years reading nutrition books, health magazines and taking courses and trying a little of this and that to reach your health goals.

Or you could do what Amy and Tanya did and allow me to work my magic on your eating habits and lifestyle. I’ll show you how to gracefully upgrade your food choices to create the results you’ve only dreamt about.

Say YES to investing in your health and ultimately your future for both you and your family.
And get excited to look in the mirror and feel proud, strong and radiant no matter what your age, size or shape.

Click here to take the first step and let’s see if I can help.

Learn more about my success secrets for developing lasting skills for moms and families for healthy living.

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