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"7 Secrets for Moms to
Feel Lighter, Leaner and
Younger Looking Through
the Foods They Eat

Moms, learn how to look and feel great by bringing passion and nutritious choices into you and your family's life — and do it with flavor, convenience, style and fun!

After all, a healthy, happy mom creates a healthy, happy family.

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Lisa Cummings, Westport, CT

I’ve designed a 3-Step Signature System that holds the secrets to you becoming the slim and sexy supermom you know you already are.

When I say sexy, I don’t just mean on the outside, although your outside appearances will transform. I am talking about how you live your life energetically. 

What exactly does it mean to be a slim and sexy mom?

  • It means living a balanced lifestyle at your desired weight.

  • It means feeling energized and youthful, no matter what your age.

  • It means fitting into your favorite clothes that make you feel confident and beautiful, whether it’s a party dress or your yoga clothes.

  • It means knowing how to eat, prepare, and shop for healthy foods for you and your family, no matter where you are, so you always feel nourished, satisfied and happy.

  • It means becoming a more beautiful mom than you already are from the inside out and being the hero of your own life.  

Unlike fad diets and extreme regimes that require restriction, denying yourself or eating the same boring foods over and over again, my 3 Step System outlines a simple step-by-step, flexible approach that makes healthy eating for you and your family enjoyable and easy to stick with.

Here are my "3 Steps to Living a Sexy, Happy Life In a Body You Love":

Step 1 - Get Clear
The first step to redesigning your health and wellness is upgrading the quality of the food you eat and admitting that changes need to happen. I’ll show you how to replace the fattening, mood-crashing, processed "junk" that has added on pounds over the years and upgrade them with healthier, tastier options without turning your life upside down. The result? A stimulated metabolism, increased focus and no more mood swings.

Secret 2 - Get Going
What happens to your health plan when you’re on-the-go, living your life? For most Moms, this is where they hit the pitfalls and fall back into old eating patterns that sabotage their success. Instead, I will show you how to navigate specific challenges unique to your lifestyle (traveling, birthdays, holidays, dining out, dealing with food sensitivities, and eating at work) No matter where life takes you, you’ll learn how your health can remain a top priority by establishing rituals and discipline customized for you.

Secret 3 - Get Sexy
This secret to health success and being the Mom you want to be, is about learning to celebrate your well-being without sabotaging your wellness and channeling your new-found energy and excitement into the things that matter most to you and your family. Some of the Moms I work with have decided to take more quality vacations, seek a job or volunteer work that fulfills their purpose, find new forms of exercise that don’t involve hours at a gym, start a new hobby and more! And you will too.

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