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From Okay to Fabulous.

10 Quick Tips To Get Slim, Sexy AND Still Enjoy Your Favorite Comfort Foods and Social Life.



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Everyone deserves to look and feel sexy at any age. Lisa offers simple suggestions and local resources that will inspire you to make healthy choices and still eat what you love. Eating that involves taste, style, convenience and FUN for long-lasting results.

Unlike fad diets and extreme regimes that require restriction, denying yourself or eating the same boring foods over and over again, my plan outlines a simple step-by-step, flexible approach that makes healthy eating enjoyable and easy to stick with.

Why You’re Going To Love FROM OKAY TO FABULOUS and Getting Slim and Sexy in Fairfield County, Connecticut
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  • Permanent Weight Loss
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  • Glowing Skin
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  • Reduced Cellulite
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  • A Decrease in Physical and Mental Ailments
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  • Still Being Able to Enjoy Your Favorite Comfort Foods and Fun Social Life
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  • A More Beautiful Version of Your Current Self Will Be Revealed
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Here’s What People Are Saying About This Book

“If you juggle a busy life and wonder how you’ll ever get healthier without giving up all the things you enjoy – like fun, flavor and style, a social life, and more – then you need to meet Lisa. Like now. Run, don’t walk, grab a copy of her book or if you’re even smarter you’ll try to hire her to get her to work her magic on your diet and lifestyle. That is, if you want to look and feel fabulous and get lots of yummy mummy compliments.”

~ Karin Witzig Rozell, Founder, The Wellness Professional Network