Strawberry Mousse

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I love making this mousse for the family. It has 3 ingredients and takes less than 5 minutes to make.

It is dairy-free and refined sugar-free, is naturally sweet from the fresh fruit and creamy from the coconut.

My 5 yr old daughter loves it. I pack it in her school lunch as a treat.

You could serve as a light dessert with guests with shaved dark chocolate on top.

You could even eat it for breakfast and sprinkle pumpkin seeds and nuts on top.

You do have to order the coconut meat* (in bulk), but having the frozen 1 pound bags (11 of them) in your freezer to take out and use as needed, is so worth it, and will guarantee healthy eating.

Here’s another recipe, Chocolate Pudding, that features the coconut meat, too.

To mix things up, you can use the coconut meat in smoothies, instead of a banana. You’ll love the taste and how thick and creamy it makes the smoothie.

There are so many uses!

You can order the coconut meat here.

(If you don’t think you will use all 11 bags of coconut meat, you can split it with a friend. I’ve done that before and it works well, so you each get 5 bags and split the cost)

*100% certified organic raw coconut meat naturally contains live enzymes, lauric acid, and all the other immune system building nutrients.  THERE ARE NO CHEMICALS AND PRESERVATIVES.  Coconut meat is composed primarily of 44.6% lauric acid, which is used by the body to make disease-fighting fatty acids. It is a neutral food, meaning it is not highly acidic and is slightly less alkaline than raw green vegetables. It contains plant-based saturated fat. Most of the fat in coconut is a medium chain fatty acid. Medium chain fatty acids are broken down much faster than long chain fatty acids (as those found in meat), so they do not contribute to high cholesterol, as long chain fatty acids do.

I am happy to report, that as a woman in her 40’s, that enjoys foods like this in my diet weekly, my bone density has increased (and I am dairy-free), my cholesterol has improved (HDL went up and LDL went down). I am on zero medications, have maintained my weight for over a decade, and when I wake up I have energy, feel positive and well rested.

I never would have guessed this 20 years ago when I was in my 20’s!

Consistent clean and healthy living has it’s rewards 🙂


Strawberry Mousse

1 bag raw coconut meat (1 lb.)

2-3 cups strawberries (we also added one red plum that we had sitting around-feel free to add other fruit instead of strawberry)

Put the whole bag of coconut meat, and the strawberries (green tops cut off) into a Vitamix, and blend until smooth and creamy.

You can add a touch of stevia, or maple syrup, but taste it first, because it may not even need it.

Eat it immediately after blending or put in a glass container with lid and keep in refrigerator.

It keeps for over a week.



Lisa xoxo

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