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A Healthy Appetizer in 5 Minutes.

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  Last minutes guests? And no food in the house? No problem. Shop smarter and more frequently and  stock your kitchen with healthy items like: • raw, organic, cheddar-style goat cheese • kale chips • olives • fresh cut vegetables (like carrots, celery, cucumbers, or sweet bell peppers) • store-bought organic hummus • whole grain […]

A Quick Chocolate, Coconut Smoothie.

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I’m now totally inspired and not scared to open a coconut. In fact, yesterday I had a busy work day and needed a quick healthy, pick-me-up right around 11AM before a talk I did at Kaia yoga in Greenwich to a group of wonderful moms! So I decided to cut open the coconut that I […]

Tired of Thinking Bread is Bad for You? Try Rayo De Sol Breads.

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Do you love bread, but feel tired, guilty or even more hungry a few hours afterwards? Most likely that’s because the bread you’re eating may contain wheat, gluten, enriched flour and other processed ingredients that many people’s digestive tracts are sensitive or allergic to. Everything feels sluggish and heavy afterwards. Some people, after eating these […]