Very Green Smoothie

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If you want to feel better, lighter, leaner and glow from the inside out, this smoothie is a game changer.

I am currently doing a green smoothie challenge with Kimberly Snyder, CN, for 14 days, and I am on day #4 and already feel the benefits.

I am someone who loves smoothies anyways, so this challenge isn’t necessarily a challenge, however, I want to share what is different about this smoothie than others.

First, there is no added protein or fat. It is blended with fresh spring water. It is 100% fruits, vegetables and fiber, that’s it, therefore it has major cleansing powers if you eat a 16-32 ounce one of these as your first meal of the day.

You can add in your healthy fats and quality-sourced proteins later in the day.

This smoothie is meant to give your digestion a nice, cleansing break in the morning during the first half of your day.

It is a great way to help reduce a coffee habit and to add lots of hydration (i.e.: glowing skin)

Next.. since it’s full of fiber (nearly 12 grams!) it will keep you fuller longer, unlike regular green juices which remove the fiber.

Both green juices and smoothies are beneficial for detoxing and filling your body with nutrients and enzymes and tons of alkalinity, but I will say from someone who has been juicing for 10 years, this smoothie is a nice change.

And it tastes deliciously sweet!


Very Green Smoothie

2 cups cold water

6 cups raw spinach

5 cups romaine

2 stalks celery

1 apple (cored and chopped-no need to peel)

1 pear (cored and chopped-no need to peel)

1 frozen banana

1 fresh squeezed lemon


Blend everything in a blender or Vitamix until it is completely smooth, no chunks. Serve immediately or take it to go.



Happy blending. xoxo



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